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Shorinji Kempo offers a varied and many-sided training that can be practiced by everybody

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    Yes, everyone can start from their own physical conditions. It suits boys as well as girls, regardless of age or previous experience in martial arts.

    Yes. At the beginning of each semester, we have a few sessions that are customized to show all aspects of Shorinji Kempo. However, you can just as well start in the middle of the semester. Just sign up!

    The training is structured in such a way so that it can be
    tailored to ability. We always strive to push a little extra
    but it is up to each one to find a moderate level.

    It is possible to work out in the regular clothes like a t-shirt and shorts (preferably without zippers), one can buy a Dogi (white training suit) when you have been training for a while. We usually have Dogi in children’s sizes in stock and helps with purchasing Dogi to those who need . We practice barefoot and use no jewelry or watches during training to avoid injuries.
    No, one of the major benefits of Shorinji Kempo is that all practice together. This benefits both beginners and those who have practiced longer; when those that teach is forced to reflect on their own technique. Some parts of the training, however, is divided into groups where all get to practice the techniques for their own level.
    No, not to begin with. It is good enough to train in a regular shirt and a pair of tracksuit pants or shorts. When you have practiced a while, you may want to purchase a Dogi and get some personal protection, such as gloves, gum shield and jockstrap . Ask the instructor for help when you feel you want to buy stuff.
    For adults , we have instructor-led training twice a week and one open training. The children practice once a week. One need not to attend every training, the main thing is that you exercise regularly. The more you practice , the more progress you can see in your training , both physically and technically.